Monday, June 28, 2010

Just For Jurors

Want to know more about jury service and why it’s so important to the working of the Justice System?
The Superior Court of Fulton County now has a newsletter for jurors to answer those and other questions.

Jury Matters contains profiles of judges, tips on how to make jury service more enjoyable, why serving on a jury is important and how to deal with having to set aside time for this important civic duty.

The current issue profiles the six Fulton County residents who comprise the Jury Commission, citizens appointed by the Chief Judge to six-year terms. The Jury Commission ensures that Fulton’s jury lists comprise a fair cross section of the county’s residents as required by the U.S. Constitution.

The Superior Court of Fulton County, with 20 elected judges and an ongoing caseload of some 30,000 cases, is Georgia’s largest and busiest trial court. The Court annually issues jury duty summons to nearly 100,000 Fulton residents, but has a goal of reducing that number by increasing the efficiency of its jury operation. The Court invites citizen feedback on how to do more with less.

Jury Matters can be downloaded from the Court’s webpage for jurors.

Go to and click on Jury Division in the left column.

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