Friday, December 11, 2009

Think This Can't Happen?

The Fulton County Justice System is under enormous stress to process tens of thousands of criminal and civil cases with its current employees and judges.
Criminal prosecutions and civil litigation will be delayed even further if hundreds of Justice System employees and staff are laid off as a result of further budget cuts.
The county’s latest budget proposal calls for 10 percent across the board cuts in addition to prior reductions in state and county support for the Justice System. But that approach just doesn’t add up.

Here are some examples that show reducing or eliminating court programs that safely remove defendants from the overcrowded Fulton Jail will only add to the budget:

Jailing pretrial defendants: Daily Cost - $72 x 1,300 = $93,600.
Supervised pretrial release: Daily Cost - $5 x 1,300 = $  6,500.
Daily saving:                                                          $87,100.

Jailing pretrial defendants: Daily Cost - $72 x 500 =  $36,000.
Drug/Mental Health Court: Daily Cost -  $23 x    500 = $11,500.
Daily saving:                                                           $24,500.

What You Can Do:

  • Voice your opinion.
Thank the members of the Fulton County Commissioners for serving our community in these difficult times.

Ask Fulton Commissioners not to jeopardize your access to the courts in civil matters nor the efficient handling of criminal prosecutions by taking necessary resources and financial support from our justice system.

Demand that Commissioners vote to ensure the safety and welfare of Fulton County residents by not imposing further budget cuts on the Fulton County Justice System.


  • Contact Fulton Commissioners directly:
Chairman John H. Eaves 404-612-8206 District 1 (At Large)

Robb Pitts 404-612-8210  District 2 (At Large)

Lynne Riley 404-612-8213 District 3

Tom Lowe 404-612-8218 District 4

Emma L. Darnell 404-612-8222  District 5

Nancy A. Boxill 404-612-8226  District 6

Vice Chair Bill Edwards 404-612-8230  District 7

  • Attend and speak during the public comment period at the next Commission meeting Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009 at 10 a.m. at 141 Pryor St. S.W., Atlanta, GA 30303.

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